Borrowing money with a poor credit score

credit poor websiteAvailing a credit facility while an individual already has a poor credit history is a great problem, but there are several occasions in life when we are left with no other option but to seek loan. is the right option for those individuals who are stuck in such a situation. Either it is some medical emergency of a fear of serious default from a bank loan, credit poor can help in any problematic situation. Besides there is no troublesome procedure involved with approval of the loan.     

Credit poor offers this level of confidence to the clients because it follows a process which is entirely different from other loan provider services. Contrary to other services, credit poor does not apply extra complicated requirements for the clients thus it is not impossible for them to avail a loan. However there is only a small set of formalities that has to be fulfilled to avail the credit poor loans.   

As already mentioned; Credit poor sets only simple requirement which are easy to be fulfilled by any person who is legal resident of the country. All you have to do is, to prove that you are above the age 18 years, legal owner of a vehicle, have the vehicle insurance and you have no pending loan been taken on the same vehicle. For proving all of these things, you must have authentic documentary proofs which are the only requirement in the process. Thus anyone who meets the eligibility criteria and can present all valid documents can avail a loan from credit poor, even if the person has a bad credit history.

After verification of the documents, the vehicle will undergo physical verification; a detailed inspection will decide on the condition of the vehicle. If the vehicle has not undergone any sort of major accident and is in a running condition, there will be no hurdle in having the amount transferred to you. The most interesting part of this scheme is that you will never be asked to surrender your vehicle to the company; hence your vehicle will remain in your possession throughout the entire loan cycle. Apart from this excellent feature of the service credit poor provides loan for all types of vehicles, without any classification of make and brand.

Creditpoor is an excellent opportunity to overcome your problems if you have a clear understanding about commitment and repayment schedule. If all the installments are paid well, there is no problem regarding hand over of the car V 5 document; hence the entitlement will be transferred back of the owner. This makes it clear that credit poor is the easiest solution for those who have bad credit history and cannot avail any kind of loan from the bank. With credit poor there is no problem for those who already understand and fulfill all requirements, because most of the times the entire process is completed within the day of application. However two loans on a single vehicle are never entertained.    

How to get a loan on your car and how to pay it back!

There are occasions when a person is strapped for cash and cannot access a loan from your bank or credit union then the best option is borrowing a loan against the owned vehicle. Such kind of loans is commonly known as Logbook loans. These loans are issued against the logbook of the vehicle and the loan is calculated as per the worth of the vehicle.

Car loans or logbooks loans are easy to get and it is available on high street to internet. There are number of lenders that issue the loan against the logbook of your vehicle and most of them have high interest rates as well.  Anyone who has a car title can get one, and no credit checks are needed. You typically get the cash you need in a day or two after applying. The lender lets you know how much you can borrow. The maximum is usually 50 or 60 percent of the worth of the car, but most lenders let you borrow only 25 to 50 percent of the car’s worth.

The process of car loan is quite convenient and simple. Once a person decided to take a loan they need to approach the lender. In logbook loan the lenders are available over internet; yet the one with low interest rate and easy payment plans like is the best option. Once an application is submitted; a service advisor approaches the borrower and do their assessment. In most of the cases it is performed online and in a day time an advisor comes and evaluates the worth of the car. Once all conditions are agreed by the both parties an agreement is signed against the V5 of the vehicle and hence this bill of sale ensures that till the time all the payments are paid; the vehicle is under usage of the costumer but in case of nonpayment that will be kept/ possessed by the lender.

There are certain repayment plans against the loan and each and every lender has their own plans to have a secure repayment. In most of the cases the repayment is performed via cheque on monthly basis. But a company like has flexibility in their payment plan; where a borrower can repay as per the financial condition. There are some easy tricks which can help a person to repay the amount quickly and early and paying the weekly payments, round up, paying extra amount per year is some of the examples. However it is worth to note that the selection of the right lender is the critical step as well. During the selection of logbook lender it is important to choose the one who have flexible payment plans and have no early settlement charges as well. This can certainly help the borrower to pay off quickly and then can have back the possession of the car. However as an important note is to create a winning strategy toward becoming debt-free and even keep a few extra ponds in your pocket as you pay off your car loan early and easily.

Unsecured Personal Loans – Easy Finance Available at lower rate

The borrowers who fail to have a collateral cannot get loans as the loan lenders feel it unsecure to provide loan. You might feel it a problematic for you. In such cases loan you can applying for unsecured personal loans in Singapore to help yourself in overcoming your problems. The loan lenders help you to get to your personal necessities by providing you unsecured loans. The key feature of these Singapore loans is that they are available to you with no pledging collateral.

The unsecured loans in Singapore are accessible online, too, that makes it easier for loan borrowers to get the loans. You can apply for a loan in Singapore online. All the borrowers similar to tenants, homeowners and non-homeowners are suitable for the unsecured Singapore loan. Unsecured personal loans in Singapore have become much fashionable owing to their quick sanction rates, reasonable interest rate and flexible reimbursement plan.

In Singapore a rising number of borrowers are selecting personal loans Singapore owing to the numerous benefits they present. My loans Singapore enable a loan borrower to put up their diverse requirements easily. Moreover, the loans in Singapore are easy to get and can be acquired from conventional loan lenders like the banks, private leading organizations or online loan lenders.

The loans in Singapore are available in secured and unsecured form; as well, thus offering the loan borrower with the option to decide the one which outfits his requirements best. Secured personal loans in Singapore can be taken if a loan borrower offers collateral in contrast to the loan.

On the other hand, an unsecured personal loan in Singapore can be assessed with no placement of any asset as security. But, in the deficiency of security, the loan carries a high interest rate. If a loan borrower has a fine and clear credit history, the interest rate over loan may be lowered as counseled with the lender.

Cheap personal loans in Singapore are accessible to all those loan borrowers who look for loans at low interest rates. The loans in Singapore are very useful for the personal necessities.

A loan borrower may look to a great amount of loan considering his needs and requirements. The amount varies from institution to institution. Cheap personal loans in Singapore offer the loan for an extended course with tenures may vary from one year to 10 years, which is decided at the time of approval. As these loans in Singapore are acquired at a lower interest rate, they are helpful for several kinds of borrowers.

Instant personal loans in Singapore from Myloan can be served for the following purposes:

  • Approved immediately as loan lenders take immediate decision on the loan request for its apt approval
  • Available for any reason such as home improvement, wedding expenditures or holiday’s expenses, clearing debt or getting a car
  • Good credit history assists you to acquire it faster
  • A good repayment capacity assists the loan lenders to immediately grant the loan
  • A cheaper interest rate very beneficial to resolve passing financial requirements

The benefits of availing guarantor loans in UK!

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 05.24.15Guarantor loans in UK are generally for people who have bad credit history. The guarantor loans are by far the easiest of loans to avail of, since all it requires, is someone to sign a guarantee that they will stand as a guarantor for you, in case something goes wrong. Guarantor loans can be availed of from most banks and is the best option when trying to attain a large amount of money, as in the case of buying a house or another such endeavour.

They are also rather simple to understand, and as long as you have someone to stand in as a guarantor, there isn’t anything else to worry about. There are benefits as well as drawbacks (as with anything in this world) with these loans. Here is why guarantor loans in UK may suit your needs:

Why use a guarantor?

  • There is no credit check involved with this kind of guarantor loans in UK, simply because another person is going to be your guarantor in case there are problems, when it comes to the repayment of the loan. All the credit checks and background checks will be done on the creditor, so they will have to pass that test in order for you to be able to take the loan.
  • This kind of loan will help the borrower improve the credit standings, if he pays back the correct amount within the time frame allotted. This will help you attain other kinds of loans in the future that do not require a guarantor of any kind. This loan will appear on your credit file like any normal loan and you can begin to rebuild a once damaged credit score.
  • This is also one of the cheapest loans you can avail of in regards to the rate of interest that you will have to pay back. As there is the guarantee on the lender’s part that the amount that is offered as a loan, will be repaid positively either by the borrower or by the guarantor, the rate of interest is quite less.
  • There is no collateral involved with guarantor loans in UK. Hence you will not have to surrender any property or assets if you default on a payment. However, this will again affect your credit score badly and it will be difficult getting loans in the future.
  • The guarantor benefits from this by being able to help a family member or friend in dire need. This is a rather kind deed and says a lot about the person and the trust shared between the two of them.

Let us help you!

At website you can have all your doubts clarified with our guarantor calculator that will help you establish how much you need, how much you will be able to avail of once we have all the details and how much interest you will have to pay as well. This will keep you well informed when you go to avail of this loan. So why wait? Get started on that loan immediately.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) Frequently Asked Questions

The IVA is a great solution for those people with debt. It is known to make people debt free after the whole agreement process. It usually takes up to 5 or 6 years, depending if there are assets that need to be released which may take until 12 months to be done. It is known to help a lot of the people who are qualified, because although it may take a long process, it is still worth it because of the written off debt that may happen after the duration of the IVA. However, the IVA is not usually understood quite well, and a lot of people still have queries when it comes to the topic. Here are some of the few frequently asked questions that will help you learn more about the IVA.

1. Who is allowed to have an IVA?

– Anyone who is qualified to have an IVA can be accepted. Those residents of Northern Ireland, Wales, and England can apply for an IVA. Also, those people with unsecured debts of £15,000 who owe to two or more creditors can apply for an IVA. For people in Scotland, there is also a similar agreement called the protective trust deed. The IVA is available to all individuals who have a stable income even if you are self- employed. Traders and partners can apply as well. However, this does not guarantee that you can already get approved because it all depends with the creditors’ approval on the said agreement.

2. How much does an IVA cost?

– The cost will depend on the monthly repayments you should pay for with the agreement. Usually, it does not cost below £170. Also, since the agreement will be at your advantage, it will depend on your current financial situation, because you will only pay monthly for what is affordable to you. This shall be agreed by the creditors, you and also the insolvency practitioner (IP).

3. What does an Insolvency practitioner (IP) do?

– The IP will be the one to supervise the whole agreement process. The IP will be the one to help you understand the complicated details of the arrangement, and also he will be the one to speak on your behalf with the creditors. The IP will also be the one to draft the proposal, and convince the creditors regarding the IVA. The IP has the crucial work in the process because the approval will be dependent on the proposal that you two will be working on. The IP should also be qualified and licensed to do insolvency work such as this arrangement.

4. Will an IVA affect my credit?

– Yes. At the duration of the term of your agreement, your credit cards and stored cards will be inactive. Also, you will not be allowed to make unsecured debts until the term is done. Since this will take until 5 or 6 years, you need to think through if you can pay for the repayments and not be able to get debt through your income. The only cards which will be allowed are prepaid cards.

5. Will I get approved?

– The approval of your IVA depends on the proposal that you will be drafting with the IP. So you really need to provide the important and accurate details regarding your current financial situation, including your debt, assets, and other factors so you can draft a compelling approval. If you are not approved, there are still other alternatives you can use to help you in your debt. Check out the website  IVAPlan to know other debt management options that can help you.

6. What if my creditors not be in favor of the agreement?

– In case that your creditors will not be in favor, then you can still have bankruptcy as an option. Also, you can do informal arrangements between you and your creditor which can also help in your debt management. However, this can be avoided if the proposal will also be beneficial to the creditors, so you really need a good insolvency practitioner for you to be able to get approved.

For more details about the IVA, you can check out the website